The abstracts must be submitted to analysis, by the scientific committee until November 4, 2018.


  1. There will only be accepted submissions by authors that have already paid the registration fee to the Congress.
  2. Abstracts must be written in English, which is the official language of the event.
  3. All the abstracts must follow the guidelines below and they must be send to the email – vibrationmeeting@gmail.com.

a) Graduate and Undergraduate students must send a document that testify the regularity of their situation in the institution, so that a category discount can be applied;
b) the acceptance of the abstract is therefore a compromise to the author to present the poster;
c) each congress subscription allows the submission of one abstract by the main author and co-participation in two other abstracts sent by others from the same study group;
d) each abstract must be related to one field of scientific investigation of each group of research,
e)the abstracts must be addressed to the following areas of interest: (i) Technological innovations in health; (ii) Whole body vibration exercise in the prevention, treatment and / or health promotion; (iii) Clinical and physical rehabilitation; (iv) Experimental models and translational approach in health;
f) Abstracts must be sent following these rules: from 2000 to 4000 characters (without the title, authors an Institution name) with the following structure:

  • Title: limited to 25 words, written in concise and clear way to help documenting and classifying the abstract;
  • Authors: as exemplified: SURNAME (in capital letters), NAME (main letters in capital letters separated by point), for instance “SURNAME, N.N.”;
  • Objectives: clearly explained under theory justifications;
  • Material and methods: provide a clear description of what was studied, that may allow other researches to reproduce the experiment and understand the results, the use of adequate statistics is encouraged;
  • Results: describe in a synthetic way based on the applied methodology;
  • Discussion: discuss methods and results, based on literature;
  • Conclusion: the final part of the abstract, to resume the main ideas.

The scientific committee will guarantee a controlled number of accepted abstracts to stimulate the participation of professor and main researchers of each group.


The material presented must refer to the accepted abstract.

The dimensions of the posters are 1m height by 0.96m width. The positioning of the data are as follows:

  1. Title- must be the same as in the abstract in capital letters that may allow the Reading in a 3m distance (Arial 70 or larger);
  2. Names of authors, laboratory, department, institution, city, state (Arial 60), the name of the presenting author must be underlined;
  3. The body of the poster should use text (Arial 20) and visual resource data as figures, tables and diagrams;
  4. It may be suitable to provide a small copy of the poster to interested public during presentation.


The award will be HONORABLE MENTION HONORABLE MENTION in the form of a printed certificate. The five papers with the highest score will be awarded after being evaluated.