Final Program

(with possible minor alterations)

The Second International Congress on Mechanical Vibration


The First International Congress on Technological Innovations in Health

Prof. Dr. Mario Bernardo-Filho
(Universidade do Estado do Rio de Janeiro)
Prof. Dr. Redha Taiar
(Université de Reims, France)


December 6-7th, 2018


December 6th, 2018

Round-tables, Poster section I, Opening ceremony

and cocktail

8:00am to 9:00am – Accreditation.


9:00am to 10:40am

Round Table Stefan Judex – Whole body vibration: translational research.

Coordinators: Redha Taiar (France), Danúbia Sá-Caputo (Brazil), Marcia Cristina Moura-Fernandes (Brazil).

9:00am – Good laboratory practices in interventions of whole body vibration exercises: a reflexion, Mario Bernardo-Filho (Brazil).

9:20am – Low-intensity vibrations to maintain and promote musculoskeletal health: mechanistic pre-clinical evidence, Stefan Judex (USA).

9:40am – WBV exercises on basic research and translational approaches, Nasser Asad (Brazil).

10:00am – Cognitive and motor improvements by way of mild whole body vibration: studies in men and rodents, Eddy Van der Zee, (The Netherlands).

10:20am – Discussion.

10:40am to 10:55am – Coffee break


10:55am to 12:35pm

Round Table Borja Sañudo – Technological Innovations in Health promotion.

Coordinators: Stefan Judex (USA), Laisa Liane Paineiras-Domingos (Brazil), Aline Reis (Brazil).

10:55am – New technologies applied in injury prevention, Borja Sañudo (Spain).

11:15am – Neuromodulation and Rehabilitation, Egas Caparelli Moniz de Aragão Dáquer (Brazil).

11:35am – WBV and its effects on human cutaneous sensors and a body perception map, Anelise Sonza (Brazil).

11:55am – The dynamic lifting orthosis Pneumaflex®3” helping hemiplegic in their gait, Redha Taiar (France).

12:15pm – Discussion.


12:35pm to 2:00pm

Lunch and Poster Section I

Coordinators: Stefan Judex (USA), Danúbia Sá-Caputo (Brazil), Vanessa Amaral (Brazil), Daniel Lago (Brazil), Anelise Sonza (Brazil), Eddy Van der Zee (The Netherlands).


2:00pm to 3:40pm

Round Eddy Van der Zee – Whole body vibration exercises – cardiorespiratory function.

Coordinators: Eddy Van der Zee (The Netherlands), Vanessa Amaral (Brazil), Eliane Guedes-Aguiar (Brazil).

2:00pm – Cardiorespiratory effects of WBV, Daniel Lago (Brazil).

2:20pm – Whole body vibration in chronic renal disease patients, Dulciane Nunes Paiva (Brazil).

2:40pm – Functional and hemodynamics assessments in metabolic syndrome individuals exposed to WBV, Laisa Liane Paineiras-Domingos (Brazil).

3:00pm – WBV exercises in COPD patients, Vanessa Amaral (Brazil).

3:20pm – Discussion.

3:40am to 3:55am – Coffee break


3:55pm to 5:35pm

Round Table Adérito Seixas – Technological Innovations in Health promotion: infrared thermal imaging.

Coordinators: Ana Cristina Lacerda (Brazil), Eloá Moreira-Marconi (Brazil), Aline Reis (Brazil).

3:55pm – Applicability of infrared thermal imaging in the physiotherapeutic practice in traumatology, José Alexandre Bachur (Brazil).

4:15pm – The application of thermal imaging in the assessment of the effects of WBV, Redha Taiar (France).

4:35pm The application of thermal imaging in the assessment of diabetic foot complications, Adérito Seixas (Portugal).

4:55pm – Thermography body evaluation and prevention of lesions in sports, Alex Souto Maior (Brazil).

5:15pm – Discussion.


5:45pm – Meeting WAVEX and ABVIMES and RBVIMES.


6:15pm – Opening ceremony and cocktail.



December 7th, 2018

Round-tables, Poster Section II, Closing ceremony and remarks


9:00am to 10:40am

Round Table Marieke Heuvelen – Whole body vibration exercises: elderlies.

Coordinators: Marieke Heuvelen (The Netherlands), Evandro Klumb (Brazil), Patricia Lopes (Brazil).

9:00am – WBVE promoting exercise in elderly: a question of technology, Christophe Delecluse (Belgium).

9:20am – Strength training in the prevention of frailty of elderly and sarcopenia, Antônio Martins Tieppo (Brazil).

9:40am – Metabolic regulation of exercise anabolic signal in Sarcopenia, Paulo César Hamdan (Brazil).

10:00am – Acute and Chronic effects of WBV on body balance – Paulo Sérgio Gomes (Brazil).

10:20am – Discussion.

10:40am to 10:55am – Coffee break


10:55am to 12:35pm

Round Table Christophe Delecluse – Whole body vibration exercises: chronic degenerative disease.

Coordinators: Paulo Sérgio Gomes (Brazil), Christophe Delecluse (Belgium), Danúbia de Sá-Caputo (Brazil).

10:55am – Effects of whole body vibration on clinical, functional and inflammatory parameters in chronic degenerative disease, Ana Cristina Lacerda (Brazil).

11:15am – Restoring the neurovegetative balance in MSK inflammatory and painful conditions, Oséas Florêncio de Moura Filho (Brazil).

11:35am – WBV exercises in knee osteoarthritis, Eloá Moreira-Marconi (Brazil).

11:55am – Effects of WBV on neuromuscular activation of vastus lateralis muscle, Daniel Tezoni Borges (Brazil).

12:15pm – Discussion.


12:35pm to 2:00pm

Lunch and Poster Section II

Coordinators: Christophe Delecluse (Belgium), Laisa Paineiras-Domingos (Brazil), Luiz Alberto Batista (Brazil), Eliane Guedes-Aguiar (Brazil), Ana Cristina Lacerda (Brazil), Alessandro Sartorio (Italy).


2:00pm to 3:40pm

Round Table Alessandro Sartorio – Whole body vibration exercises in chronic diseases.

Coordinators: Redha Taiar (France), Laisa Paineiras-Domingos (Brazil), Eloá Moreira-Marconi (Brazil).

2:00pm – Applicability of whole body vibration exercises in obesity and metabolic syndrome, Danúbia de Sá-Caputo (Brazil).

2:20pm – Physical Exercise as strategy for the management of high blood pressure: current evidence with special reference to different exercise modalities, Paulo Farinatti (Brazil).

2:40pm – Growth hormone responses to physical exercise (including vibration), Alessandro Sartorio (Italy).

3:00pm – Passive exercise in a multisensory environment using a robotized platform in older people with dementia, Marieke Heuvelen (The Netherlands).

3:20pm – Discussion.

3:40 to 3:55pm – Coffee break


3:55pm to 5:35pm

Round Table Redha Taiar – Technological Innovations in Health promotion.

Coordinators: Daniel Lago (Brazil), Marieke Heuvelen (The Netherlands), Marcia Cristina Moura-Fernandes (Brazil).

3:55pm – Wearable technologies in health promotion, Redha Taiar (France).

4:15pm – Role of wearable technologies in health promotion, Borja Sañudo (Spain).

4:35pm – Thermal imaging in biomechanics, Adérito Seixas (Portugal).

4:55pm – Gametherapy, virtual reality and technologies in health, Éricka Valentim (Brazil).

5:15 pm – Discussion.


6:00pm – Closing ceremony and remarks.